Catered [verb]

Definition of Catered:

provide, help

Synonyms of Catered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catered:

Sentence/Example of Catered:

She frequently catered for herself, making her own purchases, and taking them home in her carriage.

About fifty prizes are given by Solent clubs for this class, though, of course, they are not so well catered for elsewhere.

Lady Montfort took great pains that he should not be disappointed, and catered for him with all the skill of an accomplished chef.

The officers were equally well catered for, considering that Armentires was within range of the lightest field-guns.

Works of Greek poets who catered to men's depraved tastes have, in spite of everything, perished.

They have catered more for the intellect than for the heart and conscience.

And the public had to be catered for according to its taste.

But these tastes are catered for in certain special resorts.

Proprietors understood their patrons and catered cunningly to their demands for reckless, dangerous sport.

We account for this by saying that the authors were human; that they catered to the taste and spirit of their times.