Caters [verb]

Definition of Caters:

provide, help

Synonyms of Caters:

Opposite/Antonyms of Caters:

Sentence/Example of Caters:

Whenever a business assumes certain proportions, subsidiary businesses spring up to cater to the needs of the larger enterprise.

I reckon I know your tastes so that I can cater for you and—is there any limit to what we may order?

But the visitor in quest of silver work, jewellery, or embroidery will find there many shopkeepers ready to cater for his wants.

"While we have many music-lovers in America, it is nevertheless a difficult matter to cater to our public," Max replied.

They appeal and cater remarkably to my vanity—and are pleasant and unreal and vain and fatuous and fond and piquant.

Manufacturers cater to the whims and fancies of people and import to this country foreign styles.

Justin had written to him, and then had been incidentally renforced by the assistance of Mr. Angevin L. Cater.

Here Cater, who had worked up gradually into the manufacturing of his own machine, was of great use.

I reckon Ill wait awhile, said Cater, till a face from homes more of a novelty.

Like many talkative people, Mr. Cater developed a way, when you counted upon his garrulousness, of suddenly becoming silent.