Catharses [noun]

Definition of Catharses:

purging, purification

Synonyms of Catharses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catharses:

Sentence/Example of Catharses:

Beabadoobee is at her best when she sounds like a friend shouldering your emotional baggage, translating heartbreak and disappointment into true catharsis.

Movie theaters are the best environment for catharsis, but they need to respond to shifts in attitudes and taste.

In Aristotle’s Poetics, he argues that catharsis is the central effect of great drama—a feeling of purgation and reawakening forged from a deep link between the audience and the protagonist.

Flanagan seems to rely on emotional catharsis to divert audiences from the way his plots tend to collapse onto themselves in the finale.

Your emotions find catharsis in the opera—circumspectly, in the darkness.

He however refers only to the catharsis upon the spectator, but not to that of the author's work upon himself.

He had no sympathy with the poetry that had a social message and he did not understand its effect as a catharsis.

The bowels should be kept open by some mild catharsis, as castor oil or a pill of aloes.

Her simple faith in immanent good was working upon his mind like a spiritual catharsis, to purge it of its clogging beliefs.

Doses of from two to ten grains may be repeated at suitable intervals until catharsis has been produced.