Cathartic [adjective]

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The latter is an active emeto-cathartic, and is abundant on swampy grounds throughout the Southern States.

Sometimes, a gentle cathartic may be needful; but it is best first to try fasting.

Cathartic medicine should not be administered the first, the third, or any other day after confinement, unless it is needed.

The cathartic waters are the most numerous and the most extensively used.

Two or three glasses in the morning is the dose as a cathartic.

Its principal action is diuretic and, in large doses, cathartic.

When suffering from a cold the cathartic waters should be avoided.

Such children should have a thorough cleaning out; a dose of castor oil is probably the best cathartic to give them.

Liter he added to the list of his proprietary medicines cathartic pills, sarsaparilla, ague cure, and hair vigor.

We need books of this tart cathartic virtue more than books of political science or of private economy.