Cathedra [noun]

Definition of Cathedra:

chair of royalty

Synonyms of Cathedra:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cathedra:


Sentence/Example of Cathedra:

The one thing apparently impossible to him was to speak ex cathedra from heights of scientific erudition and attainment.

Their opinions are given with an ex cathedra air that seems to exclude any appeal against them.

The rationalistic philosophy of the Spanish Jews was there proclaimed ex cathedra.

The pope when teaching ex cathedra acts as head of the whole episcopal body and of the whole Church.

But when does the pope speak ex cathedra, and how is it to be distinguished when he is exercising his infallibility?

The cathedral church is small, and the only thing which impressed me in it is the cathedra itself.

Whatever is may not be right—the maxim has too much of an ex cathedra sound—but whatever is is interesting.

And, being delivered ex cathedra, the multitude take it as they do their preaching—for the gospel of Literature!

It is safest, without arguing ex cathedra, to accept the answer of the very greatest dramatists.

Uncle Sam examined it and pronounced, ex cathedra, that it must have been a real letter.