Cathedral [noun]

Definition of Cathedral:

large church

Synonyms of Cathedral:

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Sentence/Example of Cathedral:

The cathedral is the only Spanish parochial church; it cares for two thousand four hundred souls.

Father Fochel of the Cathedral had attempted to explain it; but he had not done so to her satisfaction.

They have an old Cathedral here (now Presbyterian) of which the citizens seem quite proud, I can't perceive why.

Inside the walls of Manila there is only one Spanish parochial church, namely, the cathedral.

There is a six-horse steam engine in use in Chester Cathedral (installed 1876).

Mr. Willis gained a wide and deservedly high reputation as the builder of many Cathedral organs—upwards of sixteen.

He regarded his organ in St. Paul's Cathedral (rebuilt in 1899), as his magnum opus.

NoPg 84 cathedral in all England can approach it in elaborate carvings and furnishings or in interesting relics and memorials.

St. Mary is the oldest and most important church, and in some particulars it surpasses the cathedral at Chester.

But we may not pause long to tell the story of even Winchester Cathedral in this hasty record of a motor flight through Britain.