Catlike [adjective]

Definition of Catlike:

like a cat

Synonyms of Catlike:

Opposite/Antonyms of Catlike:


Sentence/Example of Catlike:

To all appearances, the green-eyed lady was not at home—not unless those catlike eyes of hers were capable of seeing in the dark.

Burke straightened as I came forward, squatted and drove forward with catlike speed.

Only the prying eyes of the catlike presence disturbed the sacred moment.

He walked softly, with catlike tread, along by the wall to where the thick curtains shut out the inner apartment.

And Richard saw before his eyes a white-robed, catlike Arab, swinging upon a picketed chestnut charger.

Meg, the fortune-teller, remained where he had left her several moments watching him with a strange, catlike intentness.

When he came nearer he found it was a wicked-looking, catlike creature, and knew it must be a California lion.

Aunt Naomi came in this forenoon with her catlike step, and seated herself by the south window in the sunshine.

The lion, appearing huge now, took slow catlike steps toward me, backing Don almost against my knees.

As his yellow fingers closed on the missive, his eyes flashed for a moment with catlike humour.