Cattlemen [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cattlemen:

The cattleman had left him with a distinct feeling that every word spoken had been meant.

Snarling with baffled rage and desire, Moran whirled to meet the cattleman.

The cattleman's face fell as he caught the drift of this complication.

The cattleman affected a cheerfulness which he did not feel.

The cattleman swore roundly; and likewise declared that he'd spend the price of a new car getting the old one back.

Lee was a typical westerner of many occupations—cowboy, rider, rancher, cattleman.

After the cattleman had taken his breezy departure a constraint fell upon us.

One of the worst experiences I have ever heard of was of a young cattleman whom I knew in Baltimore.

When I have seen him asleep at the cattleman's office, he always had this knife between his teeth.

A cattleman, evidently well to do, and quite evidently not flustered by the mishaps of other folks.