Causation [noun]

Definition of Causation:

cause, basis

Synonyms of Causation:

Opposite/Antonyms of Causation:

Sentence/Example of Causation:

It’s not necessarily causation, but it’s hard to believe that it isn’t.

Brown says that religiosity is the variable that offers the strongest explanation, but cautions that correlation does not mean causation.

This problem comes about because neural networks can ingest so much data and encode relationships along so many dimensions, they can always find patterns—but they can’t easily figure out causation.

“The key for me is to show evidence of what a facility failed to do once it was on notice about the lethality of the virus and to establish a chain of causation after notice was established,” said Greenwood, who is now a consultant.

What we have far less of are the kind of studies that, beyond the shadow of a doubt, prove causation.

It is in this way that most of those uniformities of succession are generated, which are not cases of causation.

That the effect may be frustrated, is, therefore, no objection to the universality of laws of causation.

It deserves remark, that these early generalizations did not, like scientific inductions, presuppose causation.

The theist, in short, commences with a wrong conception of causation.

This is not the place in which to enter on an exhaustive inquiry as to the nature of causation.