Caused [verb]

Definition of Caused:

bring into being; bring about

Opposite/Antonyms of Caused:

Sentence/Example of Caused:

Any Republican who dismisses it will be branded a traitor to the cause.

Her son Twm Morys announced the death in a statement but did not state the cause.

The cause was complications from dementia, said his wife, Ann Langdon-Days.

“If we had a cause for doubt of the safety of our fleet—or any subset of it—simply put, the planes would not fly,” Southwest Chief Executive Officer Gary Kelly said Wednesday in a customer letter.

The storm surge reached four meters in places and was the principal cause of damage, according to a paper by researchers from the University of Bristol made available as a preprint by the Lancet in October.

A broad definition of synchronicity as any acausal connecting principle encourages exploration of how the universe is intertwined through symmetry and additional mechanisms other than the chain of cause and effect.

Now a group of 40 researchers across seven different teams at Google have identified another major cause for the common failure of machine-learning models.

Scientists and environmental experts say seawalls are the primary cause of beach loss throughout the state, and officials expect older ones to fall into obsolescence.

To find a cause for the decrease, the team looked at several variables related to ambient temperature and health, including trends in respiratory illnesses or parasitic infections over time.

In the cause of equal justice, in the cause of police reform, we in the House of Representatives passed a good bill that every single Democrat voted for, as well as some Republicans.