Causeless [adjective]

Definition of Causeless:

unnecessary, groundless

Synonyms of Causeless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Causeless:

Sentence/Example of Causeless:

We stood staring after the fugitives in perfect bewilderment, totally unable to explain their apparently causeless panic.

At Lockmaben he took an equally causeless alarm from a still slighter circumstance.

After Chickamauga, there was very general—and seemingly not causeless—discontent.

Do you know, do you see, my dearest life, what appearances your causeless apprehensions have given you?

My heart rises against thee, O thou cruel implement of my brother's causeless vengeance.

The emotions and feelings, then, are not lawless and causeless, but are a part of a world of law and order.

Reflect, then, I entreat you, ere you afford even a causeless impression of distance or estrangement.

Causeless jealousy is always the subject of ridicule, and at all events Mr Arnold must not be exposed to this.

Her mind was confused, and she was the victim of apparently causeless unpleasant sensations.

There is a type of bucolic mind to which the causeless, palpitating fear of a woman is an exquisitely funny joke.