Causes [noun]

Definition of Causes:

agent, originator

Synonyms of Causes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Causes:

Sentence/Example of Causes:

Maybe you’re thinking about making a donation to the cause as you watch wildfires burning in California, ice shelves shattering in the Arctic, and glaciers breaking loose in Antarctica, all at the same time.

While Seager and her team have thoroughly ruled out known natural causes for phosphine on Venus, the planet could very well be home to geochemistry we’ve never thought possible.

We need to ensure that girls’ education is not ignored, and that we do not lose focus of this cause.

The causes of many of the other fires across the region are still being investigated.

Erdogan’s popularity with Palestinians reflects his long championing of their struggle for nationhood and comes as their cause has slid down the list of regional concerns, sidelined by Israel’s wooing of the Gulf states.

If the board determines the vaccine was the cause, “it could bring the whole trial of this vaccine to a halt.”

There was cause for optimism for the unit overall in Sunday’s game, even though it ended in an 8-point loss.

The only cause for concern would be if the NFL has to halt its season.

Then there’s Ally, which designated millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations dedicated to food, healthcare, housing and other emergency causes.

Using your platform for good means more than demonstrating that the organization is putting out the right messages and supporting causes.