Causeway [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Causeway:

He was shot by a man of the 32d, and his body formed the lowermost layer of a causeway of corpses that soon choked the ditch.

He took them across the morass, about a mile wide, over a causeway of branches, which the rear demolished as they passed.

South of the whole ran the military way—a regular causeway about 20 feet wide.

It is on the edge of the mangrove swamp, and is reached by a sort of causeway of turf.

He seemed to muse a while, holding his lip in his hand, and looking now at me and now upon the causeway of the street.

And it was this strip of causeway that enjoyed among the young parishioners of Balweary so infamous a reputation.

The water on either side of the causeway swarmed with canoes.

The Austrian officer saluted, and the two men marched up the causeway.

The shadows of the houses on my left ended in an irregular line on the cobbled causeway on my right.

From this place there was a paved causeway all the way to York, upon which he went, now feeling himself safe.