Causticity [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Causticity:

But I am very far from thinking that the causticity of quick-lime is at all owing to this circumstance.

The one represented the strength and goodness of the people, the other its turbulence and causticity.

"Well, I suppose we must pity his errors," observed Miss Patty, with some causticity.

I know it will be all sense for the church, and all causticity for schism.

"We must simply marry as soon as possible; to-morrow, if necessary," said Bernard, with some causticity.

Other temporary phrases of this nature were equally in vogue, nor have they escaped the vigilant causticity of Jonson.

He now knew to what the causticity of alkalies is owing, and how to induce it, or remove it, at pleasure.

The work was more suited to the meridian of Edinburgh; and from causes sufficiently obvious, its personality and causticity.

With his usual causticity Herder characterised the manner of the two chief contributors.

Rousseau lay too open to the unlicensed causticity of his accuser.