Cauterizing [verb]

Definition of Cauterizing:

disinfect by burning

Synonyms of Cauterizing:




Opposite/Antonyms of Cauterizing:


Sentence/Example of Cauterizing:

Destroy the remnants of Government and cauterize the wound so that it will never re-infect again.

A few surgeons still cauterize the apex of the cone until a perforation is produced.

Then, producing the proper instruments from the wonderful case, he proceeded to cauterize the wound.

Before deciding to cauterize, it is necessary to ascertain the extent of area affected.

In this dangerous Indian climate, where everything grows putrid, they are frequently constrained to cauterize the sores.

Wash the wound freely with warm water to encourage bleeding, then cauterize thoroughly.

I had no caustic with me, so I determined to cauterize it with boiling grease.

Besides this, they also bleed the patient and cauterize the wound.

Well, I offered to cauterize it with the poker in the office stove.

For in phlogistic as in other things, we cauterize our neighbour's digits, but burn our own fingers.