Cautiously [adverb]

Definition of Cautiously:


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Sentence/Example of Cautiously:

Buffett, 90, has been cautious during the pandemic, saying in May that his then-record cash pile wasn’t that huge when considering the worst-case possibilities.

So be especially cautious if you’re flying from an area with an uncontrolled or rising outbreak to an area with lower levels of infection, or vice versa.

He was cautious in the beginning, but when he realized how serious I was about it—that I’d do anything I could to get the record, but that my health was even more important to me—once he was confident in that, he jumped on board immediately.

Some within the autonomous vehicle industry, though, would prefer even more cautious terminology.

Authorities are urging drivers to be extra cautious while traveling in highway work zones.

In the Washington region, Montgomery has been particularly cautious in lifting restrictions.

Going forward, a more cautious broadcast media would certainly be a welcome change.

“We are still looking and still active, but we are cautious,” he says.

“If there’s guns, I’m a bit more cautious,” he said on Monday.

We have a cautious and selective view in terms of our positioning in India given that the rebound after Covid shock is still at a very early stage.