Cavalier [adjective]

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The metrics are good, and I don’t say that with a cavalier attitude.

“That’s pretty startling stuff in there in terms of the laxity or almost cavalier attitude about” attorney conduct, Carpenter said.

They aren’t cavalier about the health risks but say something critical is at stake.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated years earlier, Salazar appeared cavalier about his own drug use.

Take into account fuel economy, parking, and the fact that you’ll probably still need a commuter car if you’re based in a big city, and that cavalier road-trip machine might start to feel like a logistics nightmare.

The other was the spirited portrait of Baron von Friedericks, a happy combination of cavalier and soldier in its manly strength.

Like many another cavalier, he had a flame in every country, or rather, in every town which he visited.

She gave him a cavalier little nod, touched her horse with the whip, and a moment later was lost in a cloud of dust.

The old landed interest, the old Cavalier interest, had now no share in the favours of the Crown.

Cavalier traveled for the house, whose firm name appeared as "Fendant and Cavalier."