Cavalry [noun]

Definition of Cavalry:

troops riding horses

Synonyms of Cavalry:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cavalry:


Sentence/Example of Cavalry:

It’s a far cry from the government’s optimism in early December, when the arrival of vaccines was described as the “scientific cavalry” coming to the rescue.

The Army has museums dedicated to the infantry, the cavalry and the artillery.

The latter groups played a supporting role in the battlefield, by forming solid infantry lines or at times doubling up as screening medium cavalry.

In this position, the line of cavalry formed the chord of the arc described by the river, and occupied by us.

Fanning and Wharton were to make head against the infantry and cavalry.

But the cavalry officer melted imperceptibly out of her existence.

They found a few belated sowars of the 3d Cavalry, who took refuge in a wood, and the artillery opened fire at the trees!

Infantry and cavalry approached the island, quite unsuspicious of its being occupied.

But in August, 1805, the approaching war with Austria caused the Emperor to summon his most brilliant cavalry leader to his side.

Excellent as he was as cavalry commander in the field, Murat had no head for great combinations.