Cavalryman [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cavalryman:

He is considered by many military strategists as the greatest cavalryman in United States history.

Milton wondered what the cavalryman in command intended to do, but he waited patiently for the outcome.

Over the head of the bed hung a cavalryman's sword, with its belt—the sword that Mrs. Makely had spoken of.

The young engineer officer, sitting on the front seat, nodded cordially to the cavalryman.

Dick stopped the horse, and presently made out the form of a man on horseback, a cavalryman.

On the instant Tucker was upon him, and, with a fierce cry, the infuriated cavalryman raised his blade over Dick's head.

As he came down upon Tucker he hit the cavalryman a terrific blow in the jaw, breaking that member and knocking out several teeth.

But for the honour of the brigade I had rather be cut down by a light cavalryman than by a heavy.

The old cavalryman was also somewhat excited by the count's coming.

The cavalryman was also very gay, but in a different fashion.