Caveat [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Caveat:

Despite those caveats, if you still think the increase in quality would be useful for you like the examples below, keep reading.

With the caveat that this is highly biased promotional material, Xaiomi's new camera looks darn near invisible in all but one shot of the video.

The latest warning comes from Bank of America—with some caveats.

Many people offered takes with caveats about how it all depends on the baby, or the employer, or your partner.

An important caveat to these explanations, however, is that they often aren’t based on very much hard data.

Yet a caveat is needed, for the intense interest we take in the characters of a novel like The Nabob scarcely suggests strolling.

In the meanwhile it should hardly be necessary to enter a caveat against the popular idea that we are now “in broad daylight”.

This caveat duly lodged, he descended to the deck of his sloop, where he found the cabin boy shaking as with an ague.

Besides the work your correspondent mentions, he wrote a book, entitled a Caveat against Seducers.

Meanwhile you trust at your peril, caveat emptor, your eyes are your market, or words to similar effect.