Cavernous [adjective]

Definition of Cavernous:

hollow and large

Synonyms of Cavernous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cavernous:

Sentence/Example of Cavernous:

Half hidden by a growth of cactus and tangled vines, yawned a dark cavernous hole.

At times, they would pass some black cavernous entrance to unknown labyrinths, and the frightened thoughts would hurry by.

Great bulks projected, capped by gigantic mitres or diadems, and flanked by cavernous indentations.

Only Abrahamson, his smile broadening, his cavernous eyes alight, was free from surprise.

I mounted the only unsealed Gnomon and shouted down into its cavernous depths.

There were cavernous rooms where conspirators were crouched round a tiny charcoal fire.

They went about, soon, with eyes that had grey gaunt hollows about them—pits already cavernous like the eye-pits of a skull.

Black cavernous mouths were lapping up the virus and spitting it out everywhere.

In its massive walls were great cavernous bomb-proofs in which the soldiers were secure from bursting shells.

"Guess better eat as much as you can," he laughed, opening his cavernous mouth.