Caviling [verb]

Definition of Caviling:


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Sentence/Example of Caviling:

There is no hesitation, cavil, or debate in the acceptance of it as a duty.

I should n't want to have it go abroad that we had not acted formally, if there was any one disposed to cavil.

Of this he complains, with some cause, as it afterwards occasioned numbers of unsanctified critics to laugh and cavil at him.

Some discontented Frerons or Arnauds, might cavil against it: but this was rebellion, not controversy.

This appeared to be a contradiction in terms, but public apathy accepted it without cavil.

I took up her book again and tried to cavil at it,over one or two dainty bits of poetic simile and sentiment I laughed,enviously.

That Mr. Talbot was very angry indeed was established beyond cavil.

The cavil against the Colonel abated not a jot; the epithets hurled at his devoted head were as picturesque as of yore.

Spiritual insight establishes two facts beyond cavil or dispute or reversion.

Beyond cavil, this portly and handsome volume makes good the claim which is set forth on the title-page.