Caving [verb]

Definition of Caving:

comply, endure

Opposite/Antonyms of Caving:

Sentence/Example of Caving:

Nor can this dirt be worked without danger of caving in, as was the case in all the veins and works that were on that elevation.

"I've always read that they can stand a tremendous amount of shooting without caving under," admitted Frank.

It comes out of the turbulent, bank-caving Missouri, and every tumblerful of it holds nearly an acre of land in solution.

He felt his legs caving beneath him, while his brain fought valiantly against the dizziness that threatened to engulf him.

There was a great deal of subterranean water, and sink-holes produced by caving over such streams were frequent.

It was too steep, the soft ground caving in and letting her slide back down to the bottom.

After a day's digging, you will find, that to prevent the earth from caving in and burying you up, timber is wanting.

The roof being old and well settled, keeps it from leaking badly; but Mrs. S. says there is danger of it sliding off or caving in.

The room was accidentally disclosed by the caving in of a small part of its roof.

The same shelving banks as the great river, formed by the continual caving.