Cavorting [verb]

Definition of Cavorting:

frolic, prance

Synonyms of Cavorting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cavorting:


Sentence/Example of Cavorting:

I'd admire to see him cavorting around on the pinnacles after horse-thieves or whisky-runners or a bunch of bad Indians.

And he didn't even feel tired, in spite of all the dancing and cavorting he had gone in for.

But we got together on a compromise at last, and now hes in uniform again and cavorting around like a two-year-old.

Hop got him then; but the damage was done, and the visitors lining the gridiron were cheering and 194 cavorting wildly.

When they reached the old honeybee tree, they saw Slab cavorting down to meet them.

He gathered up the reins in one hand, his horse cavorting; he had probably found somewhere a fresh mount.

They're nothing but a lot of half-naked women cavorting and singing fast songs.

Pete hasn't been cavorting round over town, grandpa—he's just been over to the Curriers'.

Did Hot Tamales fancy he saw a steer, red and cavorting, that should be headed off and driven back to the herd?

His feet commenced to slide; against his will he went avalanching and cavorting down the path.