Cawing [verb]

Definition of Cawing:

make high-pitched, animal-like sound

Synonyms of Cawing:










Opposite/Antonyms of Cawing:

Sentence/Example of Cawing:

From without, the cawing of rooks and shouts of children at play are faintly audible.

Three separate times previous to this that faint cawing signal had been heard, as it seemed, from the distant tree-tops.

While the words were in the mouth of Boone, the soft, faint cawing of the crow was heard for the fifth time.

No need of that, for the elder had caught the sound—a faint and apparently distant cawing of a crow from some lofty tree-top.

In a dark hemlock wood in a valley, the owls were hooting ominously, and the crows dismally cawing.

The sweet, plaintive note of the nightingale is sometimes heard, but oftener the harsh cawing of the crow.

Once after that we heard some crows cawing in the distance, and a little later I heard Bill yell from somewhere down the river.

Skinny stood on the limb above like a big crow, cawing to beat the band and so excited that he came near falling again.

Say, he was paralyzed, when he found the bear tied to a tree and Skinny standing on a limb, cawing.

As he lifted his anchor to fling it into his boat, a crow flew down between him and the anchor, cawing as it flew.