Ceaseless [adjective]

Definition of Ceaseless:


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Sentence/Example of Ceaseless:

Before he faced Lettice, he must forget a moment—forget his fears, his hopes, his ceaseless torment of belief and doubt.

I lay against a corner of the stockade seat, listening to the wind whispering and to the ceaseless drip-drip of the trees.

Thus it may well come about that our coast lines are swaying up and down in ceaseless variation.

There was a ceaseless chorus of distant machinery, and above it rose the grinding and rattling solo of a steam winch.

Nature is in ceaseless progress, the universe is a perpetual growth, ascent is the supreme law.

His merit was a ceaseless diligence, in which it was doubtful whether ambition or conscientiousness had the greatest share.

He believed that Nita was dead, and in his manly, honest heart there was a ceaseless sorrow over her untimely death.

He lounged about with Soriki for the rest of the afternoon, watching the ceaseless activity of the aliens.

This very day, the only thing that stands between our working classes and ceaseless toil is one of these Mosaic institutions.

A slanting drift of rain was striking the veranda tiles with a cold, ceaseless hissing.