Ceded [verb]

Definition of Ceded:

abandon, surrender

Synonyms of Ceded:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ceded:

Sentence/Example of Ceded:

One is that an ancestral gene ceded its function to a new gene.

We also recognize outgoing President Joseph Kabila’s commitment to becoming the first President in DRC history to cede power peacefully through an electoral process.

This could be the byproduct of a number of factors — rugby-style kicking, improved hang time and directional punting, among them — and a rise in skill and strategy may have led to returners either not having the opportunity or ceding it.

The additions of Rob Gronkowski and Brown show the Bucs have ceded at least some organizational control to Brady.

When you ban all political advertisers what you’ve done is you have ceded the platform to the largest pages and accounts on that platform.

With YouTube already a global powerhouse, ViacomCBS expanding Pluto TV internationally and NBCUniversal expected to follow suit with Peacock, inhibiting Hulu internationally could cause one of the dominant ad-supported streamers to cede its lead.

More podcast ad inventory — and not having to cede control over to distribution platforms — means VG can, in theory, charge higher ad rates for spot ads and podcast sponsorship.

That may have contributed to his decision to cede control now.

It didn’t take long for authoritarianism to arrive in Hong Kong after China took its largest step toward annexing the island territory since the United Kingdom ceded control in 1997.

They’ve ceded most of their power, willingly, to the executive branch.