Ceding [verb]

Definition of Ceding:

abandon, surrender

Synonyms of Ceding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ceding:

Sentence/Example of Ceding:

Belgium, however, now refused to accede to the arrangement, by resolving not to cede Luxembourg.

Determined to give France no commercial advantage, he refused to cede either Senegal or Goree.

The patricians were willing to cede nothing to the Gracchi, and they were decimated by Marius.

Apparently there was an absence of preparation, of specific orders from high sources in the event of having to cede ground.

By this treaty the Chippewas cede four miles square, reserving the right of a place to fish at the rapids, perpetually.

Serbia did not cede a single yard of territory, nor did she pay one cent of indemnity.

Durum hoc, sed perdura, nec cede malis sed contra audentior ito.

Soon after he had a dispute with the Livonian Knights to whom he was forced to cede the country of the Jmouds.

A condition of this integrity is that Norway does not cede any part of her territory to any foreign Power.

Our profits would still be large, though both Gye and myself would have to cede a portion of our gains to the new-comer.