Celebrates [verb]

Definition of Celebrates:

commemorate occasion, achievement

Opposite/Antonyms of Celebrates:

Sentence/Example of Celebrates:

Offered to Him that liveth for ever and ever, it celebrates his eternal pre-existence and existence to eternal ages.

Dafni, on the other hand, celebrates the power of poetry, which recalls the minds of men from the depths of Erebus.

Or it may be, the last entertainment is that hecatomb they call a wedding breakfast, which celebrates the triumph of a rival.

If she celebrates it by a mild revel over the tea cups with an exceptionally good-looking man, who is to blame her?

The second part celebrates the founding of Pytho (Delphi) as the oracular seat of Apollo.

There is nothing peculiar, then, in the fact that Beowulf celebrates heroes who were not of Anglian birth.

In his songs he celebrates victories, and laughs at death with the complacency of the Greek Stoics.

The first light in the Lyons chevet celebrates the local martyrs.

The poem celebrates the transforming and life-giving power of affection.

It celebrates the grandest of events with the sublimest strains that music may utter.