Celebrity [noun]

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According to CNN, it’s the first time a celebrity has had his name on a menu item since the McJordan in the 90s.

When people think about working at the airport, they often think of the romance of being a pilot or a flight attendant—traveling for free, being paid decently, maybe meeting a few celebrities in first class.

Although much of the initial influencer work for Rock the Vote was done to promote its virtual event, the organization still hopes the online celebrities will help it get the word out about voting until the election.

It also has its own celebrities, a kind of priest class of influencers with YouTube channels and Patreons who promise to show their fans the way.

She also finds out why celebrities like Woody Harrelson are playing a starring role in conversations about this technology.

Their latest trend-focused content features celebrities challenging at-home exercisers to various workouts.

Baroness Schopenhauer died at Jena; a woman of talent and celebrity, and author of various works, which were collected in 24 vols.

She cultivated a witty habit of speech, the society of cabinet ministers, and her chef was a celebrity.

His school friends valued his musical talents, but were far from suspecting him to be a future celebrity.

I fancy their celebrity in early days can hardly parallel this, but I do not vouch for the statistics.