Celibates [noun]

Definition of Celibates:

unmarried man or woman

Synonyms of Celibates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Celibates:

Sentence/Example of Celibates:

It is true that there have been memorable celibates, but in the main the world's work has been done by the married.

But the fact that I have no appreciation of the celibates, I accept like the fact that I have no ear for music.

He has no fear that it will result in the production of a class of celibates corresponding to the sexless workers of the beehive.

They are a company of celibates, grinding harshly against one another and growing daily more calloused from the grinding.

Can men keep their health and strength as celibates till such time as they have the means to marry?

He soon has a falling out with his fellow-celibates, and succumbs to the fascinations of a fair young temptress.

As for these amiable celibates, each of them relates a string of adventures, all of which seriously compromise honest women.

Should we make the conjecture that certain honest women act in dividing up the celibates, as the lion in the fable did?

The conspiracy which is formed against you by our million of hungry celibates seems to be unanimous in its advance.

Sylvie trembled; she was terribly afraid of death, an idea which shakes all celibates to their centre.