Cells [noun]

Definition of Cells:

smallest living organism

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Sentence/Example of Cells:

Beginners must be warned against mistaking the edges of cells, or particles which have retained the red stain, for bacilli.

Renal cells are abundant in parenchymatous nephritis, especially the acute form.

(a) Epithelial casts contain epithelial cells from the renal tubules.

They are cells which have been highly differentiated for the purpose of carrying oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.

Yeast-cells are smooth, colorless, highly refractive, spheric or ovoid cells.

Leukocytes are easily distinguished from red cells, especially when Toisson's diluting fluid is used.

White corpuscles, or leukocytes, are less highly differentiated cells.

A record is generally kept of the number of nucleated red cells seen during a differential count of leukocytes.

Wright's stain gives the nucleus a deep purple color and the cytoplasm a pale robin's-egg blue in typical cells.

Myelocytes are the bone-marrow cells from which the corresponding granular leukocytes are developed.