Cellular [adjective]

Definition of Cellular:

basic, natural

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Sentence/Example of Cellular:

The thread was lodged in the perforated part, and consequently left in contact with the cellular membrane.

Such a radiator is known as the honeycomb, or cellular, the former term being applied to those whose cells resemble a honeycomb.

The elementary tissues of both kingdoms have been traced, in whatever form they may be found, to a cellular origin.

The animal part is a very fine network, called the cellular membrane.

The cellular incubator (Fig. 114) which was made for me some years ago is of the greatest practical utility.

From the first the sinus terminalis possesses cellular walls, as is clear from its mode of origin.

But even in stage B there are beginnings of a cellular ventral wall derived from an ingrowth of cells from the two sides.

The brain and spinal marrow becomes firmer, the muscles distinct, and a little cellular tissue is formed.

Parenchyma, pa-reng′ki-m, n. the soft cellular tissue of glandular and other organs, as the pith in plants or the pulp in fruits.

Laurenciace—Frond rounded or flattened, branching, inarticulate, cellular.