Celluloid [noun]

Definition of Celluloid:

presentation of action on continuous film

Synonyms of Celluloid:

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Sentence/Example of Celluloid:

Real celluloid ivory combs, fit for the President's wife, sure enough.

No high gloss to look like Celluloid or Paper Collars, but a nice medium finish that has all the appearance of new work.

The front of the box is provided with a handle and a celluloid label for the name of the contained medium.

Then he sat down and pulled out his mothers celluloid memorandum tablets.

Just behind the nervous young man with the celluloid collar sat a stout individual with a bald head.

Not celluloid either—you'd never be such a fool as to build a ship of such a highly inflammable material.

The pictures are taken in succession on a narrow strip of celluloid film, of the same nature as those in any camera.

Notwithstanding the high speed at which the celluloid ribbon is moved through the camera, there are no signs whatever of tearing.

Realising this deficiency a Danish professor is striving to record the Aurora Borealis in motion upon the celluloid film.

In celluloid the grain of the base of the film is apt to be disturbing to very fine studies.