Cemented [verb]

Definition of Cemented:

attach securely, often with sticky material

Synonyms of Cemented:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cemented:

Sentence/Example of Cemented:

By capping a retired landfill with cement and capturing the methane produced by it, these offset programs can avoid the climate-warming contribution of that methane.

Ice within rock fissures acts like cement, keeping parts of the mountain together.

I use Ultracal 30, which is a gypsum cement to make a negative mold.

To reach the high temperatures required to produce steel and cement, coke — processed high-grade coal — is typically used.

The problem is, China is just beginning to explore the use of hydrogen for steel and cement.

And the words, hitherto un-united, which are thus cemented together, are called Extremes.

You can then test yourself on the work by calling to mind whatever you have thus cemented together.

The rush up the Nile had not begun, and travellers had not yet cemented their travelling acquaintanceships.

A concretion of rounded quartz pebbles, cemented by ferruginous matter, apparently of recent formation.

Calcareous incrustations, including fragments of madrepores, and of shells, cemented by splintery carbonate of lime.