Cementing [verb]

Definition of Cementing:

attach securely, often with sticky material

Synonyms of Cementing:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cementing:

Sentence/Example of Cementing:

To such a pass are educators driven when they lack my Universal Method of cementing Extremes.

He attacked more angrily still the fast-cementing alliance with France.

It was because he made use of the cementing Laws of the Memory.

For another thing, the difficulty of reaching solid ground for the cementing would cause an enormous expense, etc.

Thus, by a strange course of events, religious disputes were the means of cementing a closer union among the nations of Europe.

The return visit of Monsieur Faure to Russia is supposed to be for the sake of finally cementing the new alliance.

But progress is brought about not only through cementing human beings together in order to move towards any kind of ideal.

Coronula.The cementing apparatus is here more simple than in any other genus of the Balanin, and I have studied it more carefully.

I will now proceed to describe, in some detail, the cementing apparatus in the several following genera.

Platylepas decorata.This genus is closely allied to Coronula, and the cementing apparatus is essentially similar.