Cemeteries [noun]

Definition of Cemeteries:

burial ground

Synonyms of Cemeteries:

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Sentence/Example of Cemeteries:

“Sometimes, I just want to grab people and shake them awake,” said Robbins, as he walked up the well-worn cemetery path on a recent Friday to the shiny bronze marker bearing his son’s name.

The Safe and Quiet Skies Act would prohibit tours over national parks, wildlife refuges, wilderness areas, military installations, and cemeteries.

The site did serve as a cemetery between around 5,000 and 4,400 years ago.

Usually, burial in a Jewish cemetery follows immediately upon a Jewish funeral, individual mourners reverently accompanying the casket to wherever the cemetery is located.

Hospitals and cemeteries struggled to keep up, and mass graves were dug to bury the dead.

His steps led him now not to the beach, but to the Cemetery of Rocklington, amid the potato-fields.

The first interment in the cemetery of Pere la Chaise; it was laid out and prepared by order of Bonaparte.

Two days later Ollie Dangerfield was laid away under the palms and umbrella-trees in the Phœnix cemetery.

In part of an ancient arenarium converted into a cemetery in the Catacomb of St. Priscilla similar constructions may be seen.

Thus Callixtus became the syndic of the public cemetery of the church, which still bears his name.