Cenobites [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Cenobites:

He retained his old habits as a cenobite, and even as a hermit.

He did not dine every day, and when he did it was a cenobite's meal, little suited to the taste of a true Englishman.

But neither the life of a cenobite, nor the labours of a missionary could satisfy the aspirations of his soul after perfection.

Gustave Moreau alone transposed her to paint—Moreau, too, was a cenobite of art.

Her neatness and the exquisite care she took of her person had in them little of the cenobite.

And my soul is a sepulchre where I, Ill cenobite, have spent eternity:On the vile cloister walls no pictures rise.

And though the cenobite realises his personality, it is often an impoverished personality that he so realises.

Like a cenobite's cell, too, my pavilion was not meant for a storehouse of worldly treasures.