Cenotaph [noun]

Definition of Cenotaph:

memorial, remembrance

Synonyms of Cenotaph:

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Sentence/Example of Cenotaph:

One of the figures guarding the Maximilian cenotaph wears a precisely similar hauberk.

And this self-denying ordinance speaks more for James Moore's love of his lost wife than many a lordly cenotaph.

This end might be attained by erecting a cenotaph in his honour in every churchyard and cemetery in England.

There were celebrations in the streets of London and a vast crowd visited the cenotaph and sang Rule Britannia.

It is an ingenious and brilliant addition to the public part of the tomb, to the cenotaph.

In St. Paul's Cathedral he lies in effigy, and engraven upon the cenotaph can be seen the most splendid epitaph in the world.

The alabaster effigies on a cenotaph are believed to represent Lord Bindon and his wives (about 1450).

The cenotaph is surrounded by a screen of jali, and the entrance to it is just opposite to us.

He wondered if Alan would understand the imperishable effluence from that slim cenotaph of soap.

Far away too his friends are designing his vain cenotaph, and inscribing it with seemly words in large capitals.