Censored [verb]

Definition of Censored:

forbid; ban; selectively remove

Opposite/Antonyms of Censored:

Sentence/Example of Censored:

I'm at a loss to make my letters interesting, as we are allowed to say little concerning the voyage and everything is censored.

This is accounted for by the fact that the Hungarian Government rigorously censored Slovak publications.

The editorial explanation of my severance with the Tepee was in bad taste and my own card was censored to suit the drawing.

I can't explain the present situation to you because it would only be censored, but I hope to write about it later.

Twenty years later, the work would have been ignored in silence or censored out of existence, so zigzag is the path of progress.

A lieutenant, powerfully built … (Censored) … whose nose descends into his spoon … (Censored) … regales us on vapid obscenities.

The men reload their magazines swiftly, resting their cheeks … (Censored) … and fire a volley at point blank range.

Porchon's eyes opening wide told me I had guessed correctly … (Censored)…: "…."

Then indeed would Miss Dahlia be censored for having permitted Nan to again assume the raiment of a heathen.

He was allowed to bring messages to the men and to take messages from the men back to England—censored of course.