Censurable [adjective]

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The most censurable part of the agreement was in the failure to exact the surrender of St. Elmo, which dominates the others.

The purpose was to deceive, and it was the more censurable for being so deliberately premeditated and so perseveringly practised.

If Hagar behaved with impertinence and vanity, Sarah manifested a very censurable degree of resentment.

O tell me in full what else Arjuna did, I do not see even the most trivial thing to Jishnu that is censurable.

The thing itself was commendable and excellent; but in the means employed there was much that was censurable.

An example laudable at Wittenberg could not be censurable in London by those who held Luther excused.

Not so in poetry: if it were, much of Pindar and Aeschylus, and no little of Dante, would be censurable.

Christies surrender had been thought censurable both by General Amherst and by Bouquet.

Nay, in one instance this heroic feeling was carried to an almost censurable excess.

All these motives are highly censurable, but the last is the most general, and by far the most mischievous in its effects.