Censured [verb]

Definition of Censured:

condemn; criticize severely

Opposite/Antonyms of Censured:

Sentence/Example of Censured:

Suspicions were soon aroused, and the Queen very properly censured Fitzwilliam for trusting such matters to a secretary.

Some were severely censured as wanting those qualities which make a good regiment.

They censured the calling in of foreign forces to decide domestic quarrels as disgraceful and dangerous.

He is publishing a medical journal for the money there is in it, and for this he is not to be censured.

Albert began to speak of him, and censured him for his prejudices.

Milton has been often censured for ascribing to spirits many functions of which spirits must be incapable.

There are other persons who, though they cannot in all cases be censured for penuriousness, have imbibed a very pernicious error.

She was at that time severely censured for her desertion of her father James, and her conduct seemed both heartless and frivolous.

Very few ministers refuse to hold Slaves, and neither ministers nor church members are ever censured for the act.

Le Brun and Carlo Maratti are censured as being "deficient in this management of colours."