Census [noun]

Definition of Census:

head count

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Sentence/Example of Census:

The work relies on voter records and census data from two states that have vote by mail but didn't roll it out uniformly across the state.

Using census data, the researchers identified the total number of eligible voters in the counties that adopted mail-in voting and those nationwide that did not.

Hollerith thought a census machine might have great commercial potential, and he asked Billings to join him in a venture to develop and commercialize it.

Like a census, these maps literally capture how neurons are distributed in the brain, what they look like, and how they layer within and between different brain regions.

The link means that we can use fast radio bursts to identify magnetars in the distant universe, allowing scientists to build a census of these extreme objects and better explain their origins.

The remaining figures, being taken from census returns and other reliable authorities, are more satisfactory.

The earliest census report which gives any information in regard to its population is that of 1810 when the population was 1,508.

Of the heathen population, no census has ever been taken; but it probably exceeds 300,000.

The 1960 census confirmed such declines from the previous growth of cities in nearly all parts of the nation.

Census enumerations since 1890 indicate that total employment in Virginia has expanded continuously.