Cent [noun]

Definition of Cent:

insignificant value

Synonyms of Cent:

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Sentence/Example of Cent:

The Act permits member banks to accept an amount of bills not exceeding 50 per cent.

We did not talk much about the past at dinner, except—ah me, how bitterly we regretted our 10 per cent.

Up to the present, I have not received a cent from the revolutionists or from the Spanish Government to cover these expenses.

The percentage of gold to the notes—the main demand liability—has, of course, fallen from about 65 to 35 per cent.

At present this medium is paper money depreciated, as in the case of the Reichsbank notes, by nearly 30 per cent.

The war credit bank of Greater Berlin, for instance, was established with a capital of 18 millions of marks, of which 25 per cent.

Financial depression had succeeded a time of wild excitement, and the Midland dividend had fallen from seven to two per cent.

The high rent of a Broadway store, says the economist, does not add a single cent to the price of the things sold in it.

The Liverpool and Manchester line and its wonderful success—it paid ten per cent.

It is usually asserted that the tobacco grown in Brazil contains only two per cent.