Centennial [adjective]

Definition of Centennial:

at fixed intervals

Opposite/Antonyms of Centennial:

Sentence/Example of Centennial:

I was there once, in the Centennial, and it was so full everywheres.

This invention was exhibited at the Centennial in 1876, although in a somewhat crude state.

He received an award and a certificate from the Centennial Exposition for his inventions in electricity.

Nor was Congress impressed by Susan's centennial publicity demanding a federal woman suffrage amendment.

There are some articles here about the Centennial which I am sure will interest you.

Centennial is much like Delaware and is surpassed by it in nearly all respects.

Very willingly will we observe the Selkirk Centennial in 1912.

All Roxbury joined in celebrating the centennial of its favorite corps, the City Guard, in 1884.

Capt. Gragg did not long survive the centennial of his beloved commander.

In this romance the time of the Domitian centennial festivities is placed somewhat later than they really occurred.