Centered [verb]

Definition of Centered:

concentrate, draw together

Synonyms of Centered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Centered:

Sentence/Example of Centered:

All her interest seemed to be centered upon the delicacies placed before her.

Its glory is centered chiefly in its west front, with deep buttresses and many sculptured images of kings and saints.

Matt pondered those words as well as he could with every faculty centered in the running of the car.

She could not write frankly without telling of Henri, and to this point everything had centered about Henri.

The purple, lazy lids of her eyes moved, the slow weary-wise gaze centered on me, her hand moved.

All this forced the employment of paid workers, and centered the responsibility on one until the burden was too great to be borne.

If possible have the ends of the rod centered before the threads are cut, for reasons to be given later.

Riding on, she saw the roof of the Charnock homestead above a straggling bluff, and her thoughts centered on its occupants.

The lad's whole attention was centered on the pony under him.

Interest in the proceedings of the morning centered around four women, two mothers, a sister and a wife of the condemned boys.