Centers [noun]

Definition of Centers:

middle point

Synonyms of Centers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Centers:

Sentence/Example of Centers:

These shipments in the past have been financed through credits drawn on European centers.

Richmond still was the center of the drama in Virginia and one of the outstanding dramatic centers in the United States.

Hardly had the war been declared when thousands of women of all classes offered themselves to different Red Cross centers.

They have formed Red Cross centers, gone off to nurse their soldiers and offered their services on battleships.

The Settlements soon become centers of education through the social activities they make possible to the people.

Yet several marriages have occurred among these members, the new homes making centers of social interest for the others.

The Pennsylvania oil region and the Russian oil region are the two greatest centers of petroleum in the world.

The sander is easily placed in the lathe centers when needed, and the sandpaper may be replaced at any time.

The shaft is then placed between two centers to determine whether the core is approximately balanced and runs true.

Something had jolted the specialist in British Columbia timber and paralyzed his business nerve centers.