Centralized [verb]

Definition of Centralized:

concentrate, draw toward a point

Synonyms of Centralized:

Opposite/Antonyms of Centralized:

Sentence/Example of Centralized:

By picking a strong partner and using a content hub to centralize the asset repository for their content marketing, they managed to cut processing times for the app from 83 days to just 33 and print from 58 days to 40.

For example, a content hub can help a business manage every aspect of content operations — from streamlining content planning and creation workflows to centralizing digital assets and getting teams in sync.

The reformers of the earlier period were not indifferent to the need for centralized organization in the banking system.

We are a republic, or rather a cluster of republics under an imperfectly centralized national government.

They had the idea of a strong, centralized Government; and more than that they had a marvellous capacity for receptivity.

The Empire had been developing upon lines which could not be made to conform to the plans for centralized parliamentary control.

The Unions are thus a branch of the government—and this government is the most highly centralized government that exists.

The ideal ministry to boyhood must not be centralized away from the church nor taken altogether out of the hands of the pastor.

The subdivision was territorial instead of occupational and the government centralized.

With the abandonment of centralized cooperation in 1884, the role of the central cooperative board changed correspondingly.