Ceramic [noun]

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Ceramic pipes were made to carry water from the spring to a waterwheel.

Geo reached toward the boy's neck where a ceramic disk hung from a leather thong.

The mineral is also an important constituent of most ceramic glazes.

Madame de Pompadour considerably encouraged the ceramic art, and it arrived at the height of perfection.

All other ceramic fragments, with one exception, were associated with objects dating earlier than 1660.

This led him to conjecture that the oven, having similar ceramic qualities, was also a local product.

Low Country immigrant potters were responsible for two other ceramic innovations elsewhere in England—stoneware and majolica.

To the inventive power of the Romans the ceramic art owes more than one novelty.

That ovens of some sort, whether ceramic or brick, were used away from houses is borne out by occasional documentary evidence.

The colors become part of a purely ceramic unit; the spirit of the artist is fixed by the fire.