Ceramics [noun]

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The making of ceramics was developed to an art, as was the making of different types of glass.

Ceramics and various kinds of pottery were manufactured both for use and for ornament.

In ceramics, therefore, just as in tattooing, the animals represented were at first primarily totem animals.

In this respect also, tattooing furnished a preparation, even though imperfectly, for ceramics.

They were excavated by James Chapman and others and were associated with ceramics at this site.

Twenty years ago it would have been impossible, for the science of ceramics was not then born.

The Fortieth Street domicile is literally crowded with paintings, carvings, ceramics, and other objects of art.

Examples of the original Chelsea ware (see Ceramics) are of great value.

For a list of books of reference on ceramics, see Chafferss Marks and Monograms.

It is often particularly applied to the translucent earthenware made in Persia (see Ceramics).